6 Games to Improve Memory and Concentration

Physical exercises can improve our body and keep us fit, but what about the wellness of our minds? As we get older, we begin to experience problems with cognitive functions such as memory, concentration and even thinking. This is not exactly a health challenge; it is simply part of the process of aging. But what…
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16 Brain Foods that Must be on Your Diet

As they say, you are what you eat. You can significantly improve upon your health by just eating the right kind of foods. That includes your mental health. Having a sharp brain can come naturally. But for those who don't have it naturally, World Health Organisation's study shows that with the correct set of ingredients,…
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5 ways to Build your Mental Toughness

In life there are bound to be disappointments and failures. Anybody that says he/she has never experienced a setback at least once in his/her life is simply a big fat liar. And that’s the truth. However, in as much as there are troubling times, there are those that are able to pick themselves up, dust…
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