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Top Ways to Retune Your Brain and Enhance Creativity

Have you been looking for new ways to enhance your creativity? Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you can’t ever seem to burn through your to-do list for each day. It constantly feels as though 24 hours is not enough.  This piece looks at tried and tested methods to supercharge your creative…
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Techniques that Work to Develop Your Creative Genius

Some of us have been lucky enough to be born as creative geniuses, but that does not mean others cannot learn to be creative. In this article, you’ll find a couple of techniques you can start trying today to improve on your capacity for creativity.


Reading is supposed to hold the key to all problems including unravelling your creative genius, but it is not the act of reading itself that helps you get more creative –it is the knowledge that you gain. That means you have to develop a genuine thirst for learning new things all the time. Whether it is by reading, listening, or any other means, start today to commit to gaining new knowledge whenever you have the opportunity to.

You must be willing to be open-minded to new approaches of doing things and new concepts. Taking subtle steps like listening more to people and asking more questions will help. Don’t focus your knowledge gathering on one field alone but try different fields so you know a bit about everything.


As you read, so should you write, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Writing is one of the most creative outlets and can be a great way for you to cultivate your creative genius especially if you do it constantly.


Whether via writing or some other means, it is important that you explain fresh information to yourself or to someone else. Doing that Is a way to test just how much you have understood the new knowledge that you have gained. If you are able to explain well, it is clear indication that you have processed and internalised the new information. It also means you can comfortably and convincingly integrate your own ideas and reshape what you have learnt in your own unique way. That in itself is creativity.

Cross train

If you have ever heard about athletes who cross train to develop different muscles of the body, then you have an idea what this point is about. Cross training to develop creativity means taking the time to disengage from a certain activity and doing something else that is entirely unrelated. For example, if you are a branding expert and are having trouble getting more creative in your work, then you may want to consider learning to draw or learning to play an instrument as a means of creative cross training.  

Use both sides of your brain

You may have heard that the most creative people are those who use the right side of their brains more, however, this is not necessarily true. To be truly creative, you must be able to use both sides of your brain because the best ideas have to be rational and logical if they are going to make sense. Likewise, analytical and scientific approaches must be ingenious and thoughtful.

There is quite a bit you can do to get more creative, but these points are a good place to start, so start.

5 habits that Stimulate the Brain to be More Creative

Creativity is an attribute that is not wasted whatever your field or endeavour. Whenever originality is displayed, it is always acknowledged and admired. These five simple habits will encourage your brain to take a more creative approach to tasks and problems. Exercise both sides of the brain While the statement that right-brain is for creativity…
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