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What are the Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Sometimes when you’re leaving for work, you look for your keys and jog your memory but you can’t remember where you left them. Everyone struggles to remember details occasionally but how can do know when it’s an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease? Experts say one symptom isn’t an indication of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s causes…
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Is Alzheimer’s is a preventable disease?

A 2014 research at the University of Cambridge suggests that one in three Alzheimer’s diseases cases are preventable. There are about 47 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease and the number is expected to triple by 2050. While there is no established cure for Alzheimer’s various research studies reveal that there are several activities that…
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Brain Exercises for a More Resilient Immune System

We often work our physical body to develop strength and reduce our vulnerability to illness. We eat healthy and exercise our muscles, but many people neglect an important part of the body; the brain. The brain is as much an important organ as your lungs or heart, yet while many people develop them for endurance,…
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5 Healthy Ways of coping with PTSD Triggers and Anxiety

Many people who have faced traumatic events at some point in the life struggle with PTSD. It is a condition that affects your productivity and daily life. Patients have difficulty coping with triggers on every side but the good news is there are some proven non-pharmaceutical strategies to aid you on your recovery journey. Post…
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