Top Tips for Concentration Enhancement in Children

Children get bored really quickly and shift their attention elsewhere when they are facing a task they do not consider interesting.  An adult understands the importance of completing a task. A child does not. This is why you should actively help your child to increase concentration. Here are top ways to achieve this.

Use Games to Help Build Concentration

Your child can learn more by playing. This is why you should do a bit more to make their activities more fun. Make the children play with regular toys and activities that improve concentration. Take away the gadgets. According to numerous studies, gadgets reduce the attention span of children.  What type of games can you use here?

  • Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and other such games are excellent for helping a child to concentrate and improve concentration.
  • Sequencing based games or activities can also work a great deal for your child’s concentration. Consider games like following a recipe to put together a mock meal or games based on alphabetical order arrangement.
  • Any game that can get the child to stay till without moving for short periods of time is great for concentration building. So go ahead and put them through different episodes of games like “Pause or Statue”.

Make the environment right

Find out if your child concentrates better in a soothing environment or a noisier one. Understanding this is an important step to increasing concentration levels. A child that concentrates better in a noisier environment will like his or favorite song in the background.  One that loves a softer ambience will be better helped by absolute quiet in the room. Regardless of what side of the divide your child falls on, you need to make sure all gadgets are out of their reach.  You also need to be certain that all items they need to complete the task at hand are reachable. If they have to stand up to get anything, you could lose their attention.

Food Plays a Part

Healthy foods can drastically improve a child’s concentration levels. Junk food and other food rich in sugar can make the child clumsy. Lean meat, almonds and eggs can help raise the concentration and awareness levels in a child. Greens and fruits, especially when eaten as breakfast, can increase brain power as a result of the antioxidant properties they have.

Routines Can Help

It is vital to maintain a schedule for your child. Apart from helping ensure better time management, your child will know exactly when it is time to get stuck into a specific task. For example, a child that is back home after school at 2pm can be taught that 5-6pm are study periods and nothing more. Over time, this will become ingrained, ensuring maximum concentration at these times.

Regular Naps Work Wonders

Ever wondered why your child is at their best after a good night’s rest? A nap of 30 minutes before the activity can go a long way to ensure better concentration.

These tips won’t start working instantly but applied over a period of time, you should start seeing good results.


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