Top Ways to Retune Your Brain and Enhance Creativity

Have you been looking for new ways to enhance your creativity? Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you can’t ever seem to burn through your to-do list for each day. It constantly feels as though 24 hours is not enough.  This piece looks at tried and tested methods to supercharge your creative juices.

Read a Lot More

If you don’t read regularly, you are missing out on possible improvements in creativity. There’s science backing the fact that reading can help you relieve stress and when this is done, you will develop a deeper focus, thereby enjoying improvements in creativity.  Not sure what to read? Get started with some fiction. When you get in the groove of constant reading, you can then proceed to spread your book types a little bit more.

Sleep Still Works

If you stay up too late, you are negatively impacting your creativity. When you sleep for the right amount of time, you can improve your decision making, improve your memory and increase your overall mental alertness. To get started, get a good view of current sleeping schedule and see where you need improvements. Setting a bedtime alarm for yourself and getting more comfortable bedding are some of the things you can do to help. If you are getting enough sleep, it will reflect in your daily living.

Understand and Practice Mindfulness

To continue improving your creativity, you need to practice mindfulness when you are awake. Maintaining awareness of your thinking can help improve not just your creativity but your decision making, prioritising, resilience and focus. It sounds like a daunting challenge but you can get started today.  Set aside a few minutes to meditate and observe your thoughts at this interval.

Stay Positive

Positivity isn’t only great for happiness; it can also enhance your creativity. When you are more positive, you are likelier to find new ways to tackle certain problems. You will not get easily stressed as well. This is why many workplaces are investing in ways to cultivate a positive culture. Employees in such an environment are far more productive. Don’t know how to develop a positive thinking? You can get started by writing down the three things you are most thankful for. You can also think about your biggest accomplishments or things you have achieved that give you the most joy. If you practice positivity on a daily basis, you will see an improvement in your creativity.

With these habits discussed here, you can immediately begin to see improvements in your creativity. Start small by picking up the first item you’d like to read. Set aside a few minutes for meditation. You will begin to feel your creative juices spilling over. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can achieve!


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