Effectiveness of Brain Training

When people hear about brain training, they often ponder about its efficacy. If regular physical activities such as cycling, jogging and swimming can improve your body’s muscular fitness and functions, why not mental exercises for the brain?

The brain is an extremely important (if not the most) part of the body’s system. It governs most of the body’s voluntary and involuntary activities, from cognitive functions, to locomotion, and even sleep. It is necessary to afford it the same attention we regard our physical structures.

Is Brain Training really effective?

There are several scientific studies that support the effectiveness of brain training. Specialised brain training exercises improve cognitive functions, enhance working memory, information recall and mood swing control.

These abilities are extremely useful for the busy individual. Going through each day, we are tasked with mental activities such as work solutions, personal finance, studies and so on. Even emergency situations require us to be on our best thinking moments. Therefore, it won’t do to be caught wanting on a slow-performing mind.

It is a fact that our brains cease to develop after puberty (between 16 – 25 yrs.). In that time, many activities take over that reduce the grey matter of our brain. Work stress, life’s pressures, poor sleep patterns, and insufficient balanced diet all contribute to deteriorating cognitive functions.

Fortunately, we can counter this occurrence by partaking in mental exercises specifically designed for us. To prove the effectiveness of brain training are some studies carried out by researchers.

Studies on Intelligence

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revealed that less than 6 hours of brain games played for 10 weeks empowered poor primary school students who were unable to attend school regularly as a result of family issues.

The exercise allowed them catch up with their peers who were able to attend classes regularly. The subjects in particular were maths and language grade.

In the second case, presented by the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in Boston, the results of 13 studies involving computerised brain-training in young adults allowed researchers safely conclude that brain training profoundly enhances fluid intelligence.

Fluid intelligence is the key human ability to recognise patterns, comprehend and learn. This means involving oneself in brain games actually makes them smarter.

More recent studies have shown real-life benefits of brain training in healthy senior adults, nursery schoolers, and children with ADHD. The papers provided new information and material for neuroscientists and psychologists who have come under criticism for their work on brain training.

Brain training study; the procedure

In the study carried out on school students, 111 impoverished children living in the underprivileged parts of Buenos Aires, Argentina were used in a brain training exercise. They were removed from their classrooms for 15 minutes at a session for three times each week over a period of 10 weeks.

Activities involved simple computer games or specially designed games made to enhance concentration, planning and working memory.

Children who regularly attended classes showed no marked improvement in the subject grades. But those with inconsistent school attendance, mostly due to disorderly homes, show significant improvement in their math and language grades. Because of the brain training exercises, they were able to catch up in performance with their regular-attending counterparts.

Study among older participants

In a similar published study, researchers were able to demonstrate similar success from brain training games. The scientists reported that 10 years after a group of senior volunteers, numbering 2,832, partook in 10 hours of computerised cognitive exercises, results were still evident.

Those who were randomly given programs specifically designed to improve their reasoning and reaction times, still demonstrated its quantifiable benefits in their everyday routine.

The study was considered significant enough to generate a statement from the NIA (National Institute of Aging) Director Richard J. Hodes who said the longer-term results were a sign that specific types of brain training can provide a lasting benefit even after ten years.

“They prove that we should apply cognitive training as a technique that might be valuable in preserving the mental capacities of older people, to enable them become independent members of society,” he concluded.

In yet another meta-analytical study by academics in North-western University produced recent research. Unlike previous studies which combined children, young and older adults, the fresh study focused on 13 past studies on young adults. It discovered significant statistical evidence for consistency in enhancement of fluid intelligence. This study is currently listed as paper G71 in Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting

Yes, Brain Training is effective

For several years, physicians and medical scientists believed intelligence was a fixed trait, one that was only transferred genetically. However, these studies have proven that intelligence can be influenced. The part of intelligence that can be improved is referred to as “fluid intelligence”, that is your ability solve problems and reason logically.

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But brain training isn’t just about intelligence, other scientific studies have shown the use of brain training in mood control and memory recall ability.

As you keep your body active with gym work, don’t ignore your brain. Cognitive development is just as important as physical functions.

However, brain exercises are more effective on expert supervision. Activities must be tailor-made to suit each person’s current abilities. At Brain Trainer, we have such specialised training models.

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