Top 5 Apps That Can Boost Brain Power

It is no longer news that as we age, our brain function declines, but even though we cannot stop the process of aging, there are activities we can engage in that would help keep our brain active and sharp. A PLOS One study done in 2013 reported that that young people who engaged in brain training games show  improvements in brain processing speed, memory, and cognitive functions. Studies such as this have fueled the research and development of thousands of apps that are very useful for boosting brain power. With so many to choose from, we take a look at the top 5.

  • Lumosity: ¬†Touted as the king of brain training apps, Lumosity was created with the help of more than 100 researchers from all over the world. Used by more than 80 million people, the Lumosity app is made up of more than 50 colorful mini-games designed to help improve five cognitive functions: memory, speed, attention, problem solving and thinking. The developers say that just one session of the game each day can drastically improve mental skills.
  • Elevate: Although at about 10 million global downloads, Elevate has fewer users than Lumosity; it holds the title for the best iPhone app of 2014. Just like Lumosity, Elevate contains more than 40 mini-games designed to improve math and speech skills, as well as processing speed, improved memory and better attention span. The developers of Elevate encourage users to train with it every day to improve cognitive skills that are critical for productivity, self confidence and earning power.
  • Peak: Rated as one of the best Android apps of 2016 by Google, Peak has more than 30 mini-games designed to help improve concentration, mental agility, speech, memory and problem solving capacity. The app was developed with the aid of scientists from universities across the world including University of Cambridge and Yale. It is easy to track your cognitive performance in Peak and it also shows overall performance in all five cognitive skills.
  • Fit Brain: Fit Brain is a brain training app developed by Rosetta Stone, best known for creating online courses. The app was created with the help of neuroscientists and boasts the largest variety of games on a single brain training app. Fit Brains comes with more than 60 mini-games and more than 500 personalized training programs to help improve cognitive functions. Fit Brain helps in improving concentration, memory, thinking speed and problem solving capacity. It also targets emotional intelligence through its games that focus on self control, self awareness and social awareness.
  • Brain Fitness Pro: The Brain Fitness Pro app makes use of a series of memory training exercises and games to help increase memory, focus and problem-solving skills. The Developers of the app say that constant and intensive memory training can dramatically increase attention span and general cognitive functions and that these benefits remain for a long time.

Helping our brain work at optimum capacity is important if we want to enjoy total productivity and happiness. There are also hundreds of activities we can engage in to make this happen and using apps is just one of them.

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