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Liability for links

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Medical disclaimer

We are not qualified to proffer medical services. Our basis for the effectiveness of brain training is collated from open research of neuroscientists and other researchers. Our exercises have been designed for recreational use. No medical claims are made for the exercises, express or implied. Our tools are not medical devices and shouldn’t be used to effect treatment of any medical conditions.

Please see a physician for any use of the mental exercises besides recreational. As long as you do not intend to use the exercise as an outright replacement for medical or psychological cure, it is okay. If you or someone you know is susceptible to any of the following:

  • Seizure
  • Visual photosensitivity
  • Epileptic fits
  • Using a pacemaker
  • Suffering cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders
  • Taking stimulants
  • Tranquilizers
  • Psychotropic medications
  • Illicit drugs

Please consult your physician before partaking in our mentally tasking exercises. Likewise, if you have ever had a seizure, there is a possibility that you may have a condition known as photosensitive epilepsy, and have a reaction to bouts of flashing lights.

It is estimated that 1 in every 4000 individuals is likely to have photosensitive epilepsy. 76% of these persons experience a seizure in their teens, mostly from watching TV. But the majority of children who experience this condition outgrow it by the time they are 25 years. Because of this, the population of adults who have never experienced such seizures are about 1 in 25,000. If you aren’t prepared to take this risk, please don’t attempt to use our mental exercises.

If you often experienced eye twitching, light headedness, impaired vision, arm and leg jerks, fugue state and so on when you visit this site (or any other one), stop at once and see a physician immediately.

User comments, feedbacks and similar submissions

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General disclaimer

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