5 Tips to Make Your Brain Work Sharper

The human brain is the most important part of the body. It controls all the nerves in the body and gets information both from within and outside the body. This information is processed, analyzed and interpreted and the brain decides the best action to take from the result of the information it got. Some of the activities the human brain control include walking, feeling, smelling and memory. It is possible to make your brain sharper and process faster. No employer wants an employee that takes all day understanding and carrying out a task. If you are wondering how to make your brain sharper, this 5 tips might help.

Challenge Yourself

Studies have shown that people who play games like Sudoku and do the crossword tend to be smarter than others. Games like this challenge you and make your brain think fast. It is important to involve your brain in as many challenges as possible as this will help it get better in understanding and analyzing information. It is also a good idea to go out of your way looking for tasks that makes you think. This will help your brain and mind become more active and smarter.

Eat Brain Food

Surprised? Yes. There is actually such a thing as brain food. We know food is what fuels the body, but we need to understand that the kind of food we use to fuel our bodies matter. Eating highly nutritious food will go a long way in boosting your brain power. Brain food includes Fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna which are known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both of which are very important for the proper functioning of neurons in the brain.

Drink Coffee

Know how you wake up in the morning and cannot process anything until you have taken your morning cup? That’s the advantage of drinking coffee. Story has it that Sigmund Freud used to take cocaine because he said it made him work better. We know today that cocaine is very harmful to the body but Sigmund Freud actually benefitted from his caffeine intake.  A Harvard University study shows that caffeine has some positive impact on the brain and helps increase awareness and wakefulness. It can also help your brain remember stuff and perform better.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Everyone knows that alcohol intake deadens the brain and reduces our reflex. Too much alcohol will make your brain fuzzy, which will definitely delay the time it takes to understand and analyze information. It is not necessary to stop alcohol totally, but reducing your intake, especially if you notice you get inebriate fast will make your brain thank you.


Nothing reduces the brain’s capacity to function as much as lack of rest. The brain needs plenty of energy to function well, so if you’re tired all the time, your mind will simply not have the ability to learn and develop.

Once you can follow the above suggestions, you will realize as time goes by, that your brain is getting sharper and you are getting smarter.

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