7 Brain Boosting Activities You Ought to try

As we get older, we tend to notice that the brain is no longer as sharp as it used to be. While it might not be possible to turn back the hands of time, we can with the right training and stimulation get our brain to feel as strong and as sharp as it used to be. If you feel your brain needs some stimulation and you are willing to put in the time and effort, then you need to try these 7 brain boosting activities.

  1. Lawn Mowing: A lot of people look for reasons to put of mowing the lawn, but it can be quite beneficial to the health of your brain. A study found that lawn mowing releases a chemical in the body that help relieves stress and can boost memory and increase feelings of well being. So no more making up excuses. What better reason to mow the lawn than increasing the strength of your brain?
  2. Doodling: Remember how back in elementary school, the teachers say not to doodle? That’s because they have no idea how well it helps the brain. Research suggests that doodling can help improve memory, especially if you do it during a task or when thinking. Doodling helps keep the brain stimulated and also encourages cognitive function. So go ahead and fill up the margins.
  3. Getting Organized: A disorganized house is not just unsightly; it also affects our ability to get things done. Clear your desk and keep those receipts and invoices in folders. An organized house or workspace helps improve cognitive skills and memory.
  4. Yoga: For those of you wondering how you will look in yoga pants, here’s your chance to find out. Research suggests that regular yoga routine can help improve concentration, improve cognitive functions and performance and even prevent cognitive decline in older people.
  5. Meditation: We can actually get a lot more things done in an atmosphere of less worry and distractions, but if that isn’t good enough, meditation also helps improve decision making, memory and attention span. What’s more? The more you practice the art of meditation, the better you get at making the right decisions and remembering important stuff. Sit silent for a couple of minutes to find out.
  6. Video Games: It appears that those guys who hang out in their basement playing videogames might be smarter than the rest of us. Research suggests that playing video games can improve a number of cognitive skills. It is also said to aid multitasking, spatial cognition and can improve vision.  It is never too late to hand an Xbox in the basement.
  7. Dance: Dancing is one of the most underestimated yet effective ways to improve the brain. It involves a lot of coordination and planning which can come in handy when performing other tasks. Don’t forget that dancing is also a good way to burn off those extra calories.

The brain is a wonderful tool that can grow, change and adapt and it is very important to keep it nourished and stimulated. The 7 activities above are some of the unique options that have been proven in research to have great benefits for the brain.

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