Staying Strong in the Midst of Challenges

Some people have the ability to overcome setbacks and navigate negative situations with ease. They have a strong sense of stability and resilience. Staying strong involves a great deal more than willpower; it requires hard work and some degree of commitment to improving your mental energy and developing a positive outlook.

Mentally strong people seem to have a voice in their head telling them to keep on pushing, even when things get tougher. So, how can you stay strong in the midst of negative circumstances? Here are some things to focus on:

Develop a routine: Keeping strong takes more than just getting a daily dose of inspiration. It is more about being consistent. One secret to building mental toughness is to develop helpful habits and sticking to them. Basically, it boils down to your habits. It is your habits that form the basis of your mental beliefs which ultimately sets you apart. Developing a routine is about having the discipline to do what you are supposed to do even if you don’t feel like it. Some habits to adopt include: regular exercise, eating healthy and having enough rest. People who are physically strong are more likely to be more mentally strong also.

Keep your emotions in check: A friend of mine has this mantra “Less emotions, you’ll live longer”. Having emotions is a good thing, but in dire situations, they can cloud your sense of judgment. Mentally tough people have perfected the art of keeping cool in tough or heated situations. One way to be the master of your emotions is to face what is happening to you instead of running away. The US Navy seals have a popular saying “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”. It is impossible to get stronger if you run from challenges at every turn. When you get comfortable handling uncomfortable situations, you will build your ability to handle tough situations.

Have a tension outlet: Sometimes keeping a rein on your emotions can be hard or even counterproductive. That doesn’t mean it is a good idea to explode or let your emotions direct your actions. It is best instead to have an outlet for your tension and emotions. Having a tension outlet provides you the opportunity to convert your tension into profitable venture. Some tension outlets include having and writing in a journal, drawing or painting, meditation or talking with a friend or counselor.

Get things done: Sitting at a spot and dwelling on things without taking action can drain your mental energy. It is better instead to think about what you can do about the situation and take action immediately. Taking action is like physical exercise; you get used to taking action and feel more comfortable exercising your mental faculties.

Developing the ability to stay strong in the midst of challenges is a continuous process and not something that can happen overnight. It takes a lot of practice, effort and patience to build your confidence and mental strength to the point where you feel fully equipped to handle the tough issues of life.

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