7 Tips and Tools for improving a Creative Mind

In a world where the competition to get ahead is more intense than ever, there is an increased need for creative thinking to design unique products, create enticing marketing campaigns and find new ways to solve problems.

Contrary to widely held beliefs, creative thinking isn’t limited to artistic people, it’s not a talent but a skill you can teach yourself. When faced with a creative block that limits your ability to think new ideas, some exercises and tip will empower your creative abilities and improve productivity.


  • The “Three Ifs”


Good innovators can take an existing notion or subject, twist the concept and create a new idea. There were computer software when Bill Gates started Microsoft and cellphones when Steve Jobs started making iPhones. They took what was available and made it better.

The three “ifs” include:

  • What happens when I change the object or system?
  • What specifics can I adjust or change to use it in the future?
  • How would I spend a million dollar investment to improve the object?

Question all basic assumptions

Some of the greatest innovators were those who wondered if general assumptions were wrong. Great minds like Yitang Zhang, Newton and Einstein questioned assumptions, which led great innovations that remain relevant today.

Be curious

Curiosity is a part of learning and development. Learning increases imagination and sparks creativity. When you feed your curiosity to learn and ask questions, you gain fresh insight from others, which inspires creativity.

Be aware of your mental process

The speed and automation of human thought is a disadvantage when trying to process thoughts. The brain uses mental shortcuts (heuristics) to explain our surroundings and events. Creative thinkers are aware of their personal prejudices, cognitive biases, and the resulting effect on decisions and solutions.


Mindtools is an online resource that works on technical creativity. It helps people reevaluate their creative ability and teaches them to think differently. An example is the Theory of relativity, which Albert Einstein developed using provocation. It alters the linear thinking pattern the brain is accustomed to and finds better solution to problems.


Hiking is a fantastic workout that increases blood flow to the brain. A recent study reveals that the colour green is effective in boosting creativity and using hiking apps, you can find the best hiking trails around you.

Take breaks

Every creative goes through a period when they can’t create or they’re hit with the dreaded creative block. Step outside, walk around and talk to people about unrelated issues. Inspiration sometimes strikes when you least expect it.

A paradox with creative thinking isn’t the product of IQ but the regular training of imagination and observation. When you devote your brainpower to routine tasks, it limits creativity. Step back to daydream and space out for a bit, it helps innovation and creative thinking.


People deal with challenges and obstacles every day, its’ a part of the working life and overcoming them is sometimes difficult. To improve your output, communications and services, you need creative thinking for working innovative solutions. Make some changes to your current process using these tools until you have a system that works best for your creative thinking.

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