How to Train Your Brain to Get What You Want

The human brain is a powerful organ. Scientists might never be able to fully understand its capabilities. One of the key functions of the brain is to regulate your life. When trained correctly, you can make your brain and your subconscious do anything you like.

Think of it as a GPS system that takes you where you want to go when you’ve programmed it correctly.

We all want different things. You’ve probably set a lofty ambition that you want to achieve by the time you’re 40. The truth is that nothing is impossible once you understand how to tap into the greatness that lies beneath. It’s the key to unlocking your genius.

Popular brain researcher David Laroche gives the example of himself. As a teenager, he got into trouble in and out of school. It wasn’t until he met a gentleman who helped him understand that his behaviour stemmed from what he believed about himself that he changed.

He describes the brain as a radio that sends out signals using the power of thought. The information you get is similar to ideas inventors such as Michelangelo and Edison used to power their ideas.

Here are a few other ways to train your brain and subconscious to get what you want.

Visualisation can help you learn a new skill

While this tool was mostly applied to athletes as a way to get them to push further, it works for everyone. The mind only goes where the body wants. Think of personal development like self-re-invention. A mental creation makes it easier to create a physical object.

The brain creates new neural pathways through neuroplasticity. Every time you repeat the action you want to master, it strengthens the neural networks. It’s the same when you visualise an action you want.

The key is to intently feel what you want your body to experience. The more realistic you make it, the better. According to Life Training, a successful visualisation session involves the following:

Relaxed body and mind

First person view

Third person view

Intensity and a successful outcome

Train your brain to choose “both” instead of “either”

Most people believe they can’t have it all. It’s a matter of deciding the more important option. Then you focus all your effort on getting that option. You’ve convinced your brain that it can only have one thing, limiting the ability of the brain to do more creative thinking.

The truth is that you can have it all. The world is a place of infinite possibilities where you can have whatever you desire. People who think in narrow spheres compartmentalise their existence.

When an opportunity arises, think first of how you can have both. Train your brain to a higher level of possibility and put your mind in a place of creativity where the only option is “I can have it all”.

You’ll realise that the brain begins to open up to the possibility of more once you train it that way. You can have the success and the happy family. Wealth and joy. It is all possible.

Know what you want

A fundamental truth of human life is that most people who are walking around don’t know what they want in life, yet they are still active. Many people went to university to study a course they had no interest in simply because it made sense at the time. Others are floating, waiting to be told what to do.

That’s because they haven’t dared to imagine what their ideal life would look like. Conversely, those who know what they want, have a different perspective of the world. Humans selectively pay attention to things that excite them.

For instance, when you buy new Nike shoes or an iPhone, you suddenly start taking note of everyone else who is wearing the same shoes or using the same phone. Why didn’t you notice them before? How did this happen?

The brain filters an immeasurable amount of sensory inputs every second, most of which pass unrecognised by your conscious mind. You’re only focused on what you care about. Perhaps the clearest reflection of your desire for life is what you see everywhere.

Set goals that will stretch you

One good thing about big dreams is that they require you to grow if you’re going to achieve them. The most significant benefit of pursuing your dream is finding out who you’ll be at the end of the process, not so much the fulfilment of the dream.

Companies go bankrupt, cars are involved in accidents, houses are destroyed by natural disasters, but the skills you’ve learned and the evolution of your mind remains. It is a prized asset and the true mark of success.

Turn your dreams into goals and objectives

It is important that you turn your dreams into measurable objectives. Measurable in terms of time and space.

For instance, if you want to buy a Rolls Royce by the time you are 35 years old. How much will you need by the time you are 35 years old to hit your goal? Tell your brain exactly what you want it to do and that makes it easier to focus on reaching those goals.

Be willing to see the unchangeable change

One of the crucial steps to creating massive change is the willingness to see the change happen. Believing it can happen is one thing, taking the step into a world of possibility is another.

If you’re trying to convert more prospects, you could be sending out scary emails that push your prospects to mark your business email as spam. Perhaps you’re sending them offers that aren’t relevant to their current problems.

The moment you change your email campaign to include best practices, people start responding. It is the beginning of a change in your life and business.


This is a powerful brain retraining method that transcends conscious thought. It encourages you to submit to inner peace and let go of external distractions that influence negative thinking. The clear button exercise is a stress-reduction technique you can practice. It was proposed by Don Joseph Goewey as a way to thwart fearful thoughts that escalate stress and exist in the present moment.


To take your brain to the next level, don’t hold back. Daily affirmations of your important goals help to keep things in perspective and ensure you stay driven. What is it you want? Write it all down. The brain is a powerful tool for success once you learn how to apply yourself.

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