Is it possible to have a smarter brain?

In the past, there was a notion that intelligence or smart brain was a genetic endowment passed down with skin colour, eye colour and other physical attributes. Neuroscientists have since discovered that the brain is a work in progress from the time we are born until the day we die.

With motivation and determination, you can expand your mental capabilities and become smarter. Here are some exercises that when incorporated with your daily routine stimulates and sharpens your intellect.

Be smart about online time

People rely so much on technology that it performs most functions for the brain. When taking an online break don’t focus on checking social media status updates and funny cat videos on YouTube. There are tons of amazing materials such as free online courses, interesting TED talks, webinars, vocab-building tools and educational YouTube videos. Immerse your brain in online activities that stimulates and nourishes the brain.


Start each day with a 30-60 minute brisk walk. It helps you enjoy the neurological and physical benefits of walking. When walking, pay attention to the motion of movement, the landscape that surrounds you. Walking is a great time to plan your day, consider decisions you’ll have to take and figure out the best course of action.

Make a list of what you learn and done

Writing helps to boost brainpower. Take a few minutes to compile a 400-word article on what you learn and make another list of what you did. Writing what you’ve achieved increases confidence and happiness, two major parts of intelligence. It helps you focus on what you’ve done not what you’re yet to achieve.

Maintain a healthy social life

The brain requires a healthy dose of social exercise to grow brainpower. Spend time with friends and loved ones, host dinner parties, attend social gatherings of likeminded people and always reserve downtime for yourself.

Never stop learning

Education is a great investment of time, energy and money. Learning improves brain speed, sharpness and accuracy. Take a creative class, learn a new skill and always read informative books that build intelligence. To help your brain retain information at a faster pace, explain it to a colleague or friend. Information is only assimilated when you can explain it in simple terms.

Focus on completing one task at a time

The brain cannot multitask. When the brain focuses on one task at a time it functions at optimum efficiency levels. Start a task, put your phone aside to help you focus better and finish it before picking another task.


According to a study conducted by Brain Blogger, people who meditate have smarter, sharper brains. Find time each day to practice mindfulness for 15 minutes. Chant a mantra that centers you, breathe in and out, stare at a candle or listen to audio tapes of guided mediations.


If you limit the time you spend watching TV, browsing on your phone or listening to useless information, you can enhance the quality of your brain and grow brainpower. Look for food that boost brain functions such as nuts, berries, avocado, leafy greens, dark chocolate and beans. These ideas will easily fit into your daily routine and feed your brain with mental horsepower.

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