Terms of Use

About Brain Trainer

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Brain Trainer offers exciting, scientifically backed mental exercises online to enhance your cognitive abilities, memory recall, concentration and processing speed.

Brain Trainer is an online training system focused on helping individuals sharpen their mental acuity to function optimally in their everyday activity. Our services are available online and in-person depending on what’s more convenient. You can get started with our services via web and app devices.

Contract parties

By providing us with your personal details through registration, you (the User) agree to our business’ all-inclusive terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”). The registration and ensuing agreement binds you into a valid contract with Brain Trainer. The following Terms of Use form the legal structure for using Brain Trainer.

Coverage and definition of terms

These Terms of Use are for all non-commercial users of Brain Trainer. Therefore, private users and end consumers are covered in the ToU. Commercial users who wish to know their conditions should send a request through our contact form.

Various and applicable guidelines with the contract conclusion are available in written format only. This applies to all writing alternatives too. The Terms of Use covers both free services and paid services provided by Brain Trainer.

Brain Trainer: Scope of Services

Brain Trainers works continuously to provide the latest tools used in enhancing customer interactions on various social platforms. Our company values peer inclusion and encourages individuals to motivate themselves. As a result, we integrate comparisons, peer group benchmarking and leader-boards into our services.

Every user, both free and paid, may choose to activate the privacy feature to the public, or to include friends. He or she may also decide what he wants to make accessible or inaccessible. In addition, a list of top performing scores is available, cataloguing the usernames in different lists. For example, “Top 5 performers this week”.

Users who register to these services agree to the anonymous use of their scores, for instance “Mental Recall Performance” for Brain Trainers scientific study. We use the corresponding data for statistical analytics studies. The identity of the participants will be kept private.

Friend lists

Every user, including both free and premium can add new Users to their friend list. Friends name and scores can be accessed separately from top scorers’ if the privacy is set to permit comparisons. Every user can include other Users to their friend list as long as both parties agree to the invitation.


Availability of Brain Trainer

Our engineers work round the clock to ensure our services are accessible more than 99% of the time. However, because software updates, maintenance and fraudulent activities, we may need to limit our services for some time.

For example, due to limited capacities, Brain Trainers’ security updates, the server’s integrity and technical enhancements (Temporary Deficit). However, Users may not be able to claim a refund for temporary deficits.


Users are required to supply the complete and honest information about themselves in the registration form. The registration data, and the email address in particular, won’t be published. We tale data privacy very seriously.


  • Registration through website


The terms of agreement between Brain Trainer and the User as regards the use of  the service is finalised the moment the users agree to Brain Trainer’s ToU and privacy statement and an opt in email.


  • Registration through app


The registration for the app is similar to the web registration process. But instead of the website, registration is done through the app. It requires the prior entry of the username and password. Following that, an email address is required.

Premium services liable to costs

In addition to the free services account, Brain Trainer provides exercise and courses for sale (premium services) available through the “Premium” or “Store” section.

Website purchases

Following a purchase through the website, the user is able to access additional premium services on the website. If available, a user can buy single parts of a web content for a particular set time period.

Purchase through third parties and mobile app marketplace

If a User acquires a subscription through an app, they are able to access additional premium services. The cope is limited to the specific product purchased. All items bought within the app will be process by applying app marketplaces. In this situation, The ToU of the marketplace do apply.


The fees for the premium account is specified for each offer and applicable to the time and completion of the contract. The fees are always listed on Brain Trainer, and may vary for premium accounts. Payment may be done via website or app, through subscription or one-off payments.

Technical requirements for accessing premium services

To use services offered by Brain Trainer, users must have the technical requirements necessary. For example, an outmoded browser or smartphone, a poor internet connection, unavailable plugins and so on. Can lead to limited access or inaccessibility of Brain Trainer’s services. In this situation, a user is not entitled to get back their funds.

Conclusion of contract and delivery

The contract between the User and Brain Trainer regarding the application of the premium-account is complete when the User has selected an online (or app) premium-offer and the payment process has been concluded. Upon payment verification, the User is forwarded to a working page offering Brain Trainer Services. Non-digital materials are sent out in the first few weeks of purchase.

Billing process

Premium contracts are offered according to present offers as subscription or one-off buys. Billing type, prices and term are specified in each offer and are summarised before the end of the purchase process. By pushing the “purchase” button, the contract for buying premium product becomes binding.

Contract duration and termination

The free services account is accessible by the user for an unlimited period and may be terminated by them anytime they wish. To do this, a user retract the registration data via the profile/setting” and selecting the “delete” button.

Brain Trainer reserves the right to terminate a contract with the User account if the breach the term of the contract listed in the Terms of Use section.